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  • Matteo Gemolo

New Music for the Traverso: "Affects" and "Effects" in the Music of Jukka Tiensu

Contemporary music for the flute has come to be associated with advanced instrumental technology and techniques. For much of the 20th century, the modern flute Boehm-system flute -with its voluminous sound, efficient key system, heavy-duty material, and equal-tempered scale - proved the perfect vehicle for the new ideals of the modernist avant-garde and for creating its new sonorities. But as the early-music movement gathered pace during the 1960s, the preeminence of the modern flute became subject to reassessment. The one-keyed flute (...) To continue (printed on the winter issue 2018 of The Flutist Quarterly)

The Flutist Quarterly Volume 43, No. 2 Winter 2018

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